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If you missed my takeover on the SDMA instagram, you can watch it on their instagram highlights here. Every now -n- then I’ll find myself on a shoot…ya know doing the typical thing, shooting the same poses, in the middle of the street, against a wall, sitting on a curb and I ask myself WHAT […]


Finding inspiration at the San Diego Museum of Art

March 14, 2018

I’ve always had a fascination with photos of cool seeming, chic, well dressed-women in a New York city like setting- looking like they’re on the way to somewhere cool. Formally called Street Style. Best way to describe it right? You could say I was slightly obsessed with Vogue in my younger years. Now I don’t […]


Top 4 Tips How to Shoot a Fashion Blogger street style

December 3, 2016

White, bright, backlit photos are what makes my heart skip a beat and stare for 10 minutes. I’ve been getting some questions on how I get certain photos so bright and white. Tip #1: Shoot in RAW format, don’t shoot or edit in jpeg. Yes the files are huge & yes you have to open in […]


6 Tips for Dreamy Backlight Photos

July 25, 2016



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